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About... me.


 Well... here I am. My name is Julia, but for some obvious reasons,I am called Luna. In the Cyberworld, I prefer being called Luna, because I think calling me by my real name is way too private. I am a more or less nice girl with some small bricks in the mental wall, and well, I love japanese music, food, Anime, Manga and my darling Stefan. I also like sweets and drawings... drawing... Drawing is a passion for me. Without drawing I feel totally empty, and well, I love my colored pencils as if they were my children. Some of you might ask me: Luna, why do you write this in English, girl, we are on a GERMAN website... So what? I have friends all around the world, and somehow, I think and I know that just one of them speaks and writes proper german. Question answered, right?  ^_^ 


Alter: 26

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